The Velara Galaxy, or simply the Galaxy, was the galaxy where Confederacy of Iliard and several other interstellar states were located. It was a moderately big, barred spiral galaxy, type SBa. It was approximately 97,000 light years across and was composed from approximately 380 billion stars.


Galactic Regions




Solar systems



Behind the scenes

  • While not necessarily always mentioned by name, the Velara Galaxy is obviously present in all of the aforementioned novels, because all of the planets and entire solar systems where the action takes place are located in it.
  • In the Space notebook the Galaxy was called "Lizards Galactic" [sic]. The author had only fragmentary knowledge of English at that time and was unaware of the grammatically incorrect form of the name. It was changed into more appropriate "Lizard's Galaxy" in 2006, when the interest in the Total War Universe was renewed. The current name was invented in the second half of the 2009.