The Island

Mateusz Kałwiński

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World of Bane

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Steel Dragon

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The Continent

The Island is going to be the first part of the World of Bane duology.

Plot summary


  • The story is based after the child's play "Skeletons", that the author used to play with his cousin. He's attempting to implement as many elements from that play to the book as it is possible to keep it serious and coherent. Helmet Clan, the Vagabonds and the "Scorpio" were invented for the play.
  • The post-apocalyptic theme of the World of Bane series was inspired by the Fallout video game series.
    • Initially, it was slated not to be a significant part of the story, but rather a rarely mentioned cause of the current harsh environment the characters live in. However, the author eventually decided that he likes the motif too much to omit such an occasion to implement it in his books. Thus, several major changes to the plot were made, allowing the post-apocalyptic theme to be much more prevalent.