This article is about the being referred to as "the Exile". You may be looking for The Exile, the second installment of the Galaxy of War series.
Say Khar Nihl
Say Khar Nihl
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1.98 metres

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Silver, dark grey

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The Black Lord

Say Khar Nihl, often referred to as the Exile or Syan, was a mysterious, dark and ominous being with an immense psychokinetic potential, hailing from primeval times. She was defeated and sealed by an ancient civilization due to the unbelievably evil deeds she had commited. For entire millenia she remained in suspended animation state, locked in stasis on the desolate, terribly frosty planet of Graem. Eventually, she had been accidentally found by Confederate explorers, who unintentionally freed her from her prison.

The Exile killed them all, but not before they could send a SOS message to Confederate Military. Then, she had hijacked their spaceship and wandered throughout the Velara Galaxy, eventually ending in the Robots' Territory. There, she concluded an agreement with Omnikron, the "Artificial God". At the terms of mutual cooperation, the Machine leader allowed Say to gather some extremely rare crystals and to establish her own base on the world of Darcco. Using the Robots' highly adavanced technology, she had constructed an interdimensional portal, which allowed her to summon the Dark Ones - nightmarish and brutal, but intelligent and powerful beings, alongside the most frightening of them, Khar Nihl's Master himself: the Black Lord.

However, Confederate Intelligence was well aware of those events and immedietally alerted the Confederate Marine Corps. They instantly sent an elite taskforce to deal with the distant, but major threat. The mission was successful, but was not accomplished without suffering significant casualties. Eventually, both Say Khar Nihl and the Black Lord were apparently eliminated and the planet ravaged, rendering it absolutely uninhabitable.


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Say Khar Nihl's appearance was inspired by H. R. Giger's works and Giegue, a character from EarthBound SNES game. The latter's immense psychic powers were the reason why Khar Nihl was made in his likeness. The concept of her character had been invented in 2006, before the author became aware of EarthBound game, and until that moment she was imagined as a male, shadowy character whose real appearance was obscured by a black robe.