The plasma cannon was an immensely scaled up version of a regular plasma gun. These weapons were generally mounted on rotating turrets, which were commonly installed in banks on capital ships, space stations and orbital facilities. Some immobile, usually even more powerful variants were used on the ground, to directly defend most important planets.


General classification

Below are different general classifications of various models of plasma cannons:

  • Heavy plasma cannons
    • Used by: big capital ships, space defense platforms and planetary defenses
    • Used to: heavily damage enemy's ships/SDPs/planet's surface
  • Medium plasma cannons
    • Used by: most capital ships
    • Used to: deal moderate damage to enemy's ships/SDPs/planet's surface
  • Light plasma cannons
    • Used by: starfighters
    • Used to: destroy other starfighters
  • Point-defense light plasma cannons
    • Used by: most capital ships
    • Used to: fend off starfighters