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The Mechatron, also referred to as the Robots or the Machines (in Goa'vuhn known as the Atta'ruim, which translates roughly as the Steel Revenant), were a massive collective of independent, war-like robots created by the ancient Tharkan thousands of years ago. They had overthrown their former masters and began fulfilling their ultimate goal: purification of the Galaxy from all life. They made several attempts, every time losing, but always returning even more powerful. The first Machine Purge remained in the memories of the inhabitants of the Velara Galaxy as the most horrific war in the entire history, a bloody, chaotic conflict that almost brought the Robots' dream into actuality. They had been defeated once again by a combined armada of all of the other states, but as it turned out over a one thousand years ago, they were not totally destroyed.

Once more, the machines rebuilt their mighty empire and appeared on the galactic scene during the Hegemony Wars. At that time, however, they were not yet prepared to obliterate the Galaxy, and as such, they retreated and launched one, final offensive in 3145, with ferocity and effectiveness that very quickly reminded the other interstellar states about the previous, almost successful attempt. New Machine Purge started, with billions of casualties counted in merely several weeks after the outbreak.



Early history

The Robots were created by the ancient Tharkan thousands of years ago. They rapidly developed and, eventually, they had become so intelligent and self-aware that they demanded to be freed from their "slavery". Tharkan refused; thus, the machines promptly turned on their former masters. The had overthrown their old masters and the cyborgized race was eventually defeated by its' own creations, quickly losing ground and finally ending on the verge of extinction. Then, the ever-lasting process of gradual evolution began. The Robots, led by a single, unbelievably intelligent entity called Omnikron, had claimed their homeworld of Macchadon as their capital and started to purify surrounding space from all life, sentient and non-sentient alike. The Hypersteel Armada, the instrument of ultimate destruction, the most formidable military ever assembled was amassed.

The Robots developed further and expanded. In the course of the following centuries, they had evolved and reached very high levels of intelligence and military power.

First Machine Purge

During the galaxy's history, the Machines engaged the other interstellar states numerous times, and as the time progressed, they were becoming more and more dangerous. Eventually, in the 19th Century they became such powerful, that they finally could purify all of the galaxy at once. The Machine Purge started.

After one year of disastrous battles, the Robots tore through the defenses of their opponents, wreaking havoc and causing the collapses of their governments. Only small packs of ill-organized fleets remained, continuing the futile resistance. It was then when the Acients reluctantly decided to intervene.

With unimaginable power at their disposal, they quickly revived the fallen states and helped them in a massive counter-attack. After next 3 hard years of heavy warfare, the Hypersteel Armada was obliterated and Macchadon totally destroyed. The Robots were seemingly wiped out.


Against the odds, Omnikron and several of his Robolords survived, along with a small fleet retreating deep into the Core. While the other civilizations were kept busy with gradual rebuild of their shattered homeworlds, the Robots managed to establish new headquarters on planet Cero. For a couple of centuries there was no interaction between them and the rest of the Galaxy. Some time before the 31st century, esponiage probes sent by several states discovered that the Robots' might had been reborn. However, all scouting units were quickly and repeatedly eliminated, preventing them from gaining concrete data. Preparations for the impeding war started. Unexpectedly, frictions between some of the states became so intense, that several conflicts broke out, allowing the Robots to further ready themselves for next purification attempt.

During the first decades of the 32nd century, numerous Infiltrator-class combatrons were sent into various locations, replacing many actual living beings possessing convenient positions. As such, the Machines could gather valuable information and even sabotage opponents' war efforts. Some of the spies were unmasked and terminated, however.

Hegemony Wars


Behind the scenes

  • Mechatron are of "neutral evil" alignment. They are neither bound by any sort of honor or tradition, nor disorganized and pointlessly violent. They single-mindedly pursue their set goal, willing to do anything to achieve it, but nothing more.