Galaxy of Fear

Mateusz Kałwiński

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Completion date

December 22, 2010

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32nd Century Era


3120-3121, 3123


Galaxy of War

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The Galaxy of Fear novella collection is an introduction to the Galaxy of War series. It contains several horror stories loosely related to the plot of the main series.

Plot summaries


Blue Glass Arrow Main article: Derelict

Confederate militiamen of Third Desparan Space Patrol Team accidently come across a long-lost, abandoned starship. They decide to search it and determine the reasons of its state only to discover that it is not abandoned at all.

The Artifact

Blue Glass Arrow Main article: The Artifact

Group of archeologists and scientists of the Explorer visits remote and deserted planet Lyx. They explore the city of an extinct civilization and discover an enigmatic artifact, that soon becomes the origin of subsequent series of horrible events.


Blue Glass Arrow Main article: Doppelgänger

Aleis Tover, a high-ranking employee of ArmsCor company, plans to make some important changes in the life of his family. Unfortunately, some mysterious being unexpectedly thwarts them and takes his place, almost taking his life in the process as well. However, Al soon recovers and attempts to regain it...

Blackness Unfathomed

Blue Glass Arrow Main article: Blackness Unfathomed

A group of exobiologists, to which young and curious student Kurt Skelosa belongs, visits planet Ceryl in search of rare polyextremophile species of animals. One day the crew enters the complex system of underground caverns. After a scuffle with its aggressive residents, the explorers encounter an inexplicable entity.


The Galaxy of Fear collection did not feature in the first plans of Total War series. It had been invented only shortly before writing of the first installment started, in October, 2009. Its purpose is to serve as an introduction to the universe, as well as to explore it further and in different ways than the main series.