Confederacy of Iliard
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Federal semipresidential republic

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Declaration of Confederacy


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Confederate Senate

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  • Supreme Court
    • Regional Court
      • Local Court
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The Confederacy of Iliard was the ruling government and a confederacy of the Iliard Arm. A federal republic based on the world of Despayer, it had ruled over the Iliard Arm region of Velara Galaxy, called the Confederate Oversector, since its founding in year 0 (over 3,600 years ago).


The Confederacy had started its existence as an actual confederation, however, after hundreds of years of cooperation the three component states integrated and the government was centralized. It was a federal presidential republic, largely democratic, but with significant totalitarian and authoritarian elements.

Each of the seven autonomous sectors was ruled by a governor, who was chosen during democratic election by senators. The governors collectively constituted the Council of Governors, the executive branch. Much of the general power laid in the hands of the president, who supervised the administration of the entire state. Although, he often needed to consult the Council and meet Confederate Senate's agreement when making very important decisions. The Senate was a core part of the legislature.

The Confederacy was run in dominant-party system. Members of the opposition were moderately repressed.

The state was a militaristic one, with the Confederate Military being an important part of the structure and a long tradition of serving the state by conscription. Much of the budget was spent on weaponry, but the Military remained mostly separate from the politics.

In terms of economy, the state utilized monetarism policy.



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It spanned over 90 million relatively closely positioned star systems, consisting of 1028 inhabited worlds as of 32nd century (ca. 150 million star systems and 2600+ inhabited worlds in 37th century). Its area was officialy called the Confederate Oversector.

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Behind the scenes

  • The Space notebook contains several drawings of military starships and ground vehicles, belonging to an unspecified, unnamed interstellar country. The name "Confederacy of Iliard" was not invented until 2006, when the Total War Universe was gradually starting to develop on a faster pace. Names of the major races of the state (i.e. Holglas, Salzan, Shle'khan and Vahn) were invented around the same time.
  • The Confederacy serves as a "protagonist state" of the series. Greater whole of the action of the Galaxy of Fear and Galaxy of War series takes place in its boundaries. Moreover, the history of the universe is also shown from the perspective of its ihabitants.
  • Total War Universe is inspired by Star Wars and the Confederacy takes some elements from both the Galactic Empire and the New Republic. The reason for it is that the author wants to make the state neither good nor evil, but rather a more "realistic" one. It is ruled in a very pragmatic way, resulting for example in active and intensive efforts of the government to provide every citizen with a job, but also leading to conquest and exploitation of another country to recover from an economic depression. In conclusion, it can be said that it is of "lawful neutral" alignment.